Thursday, May 15, 2014


Having amazing, impossibly luminous skin isn't difficult to achieve. It's the holy grail of beauty and what so many women (and men) desire to have. It's that mysterious glow, that smooth-as-silk complexion and that satiny texture that many find unattainable. It's not rocket science, however. It is a matter of consistent rituals, in conjunction with quality products and skin-care services. What does that mean exactly? That means: DON'T SKIMP, IGNORE, NEGLECT or ABUSE THE SKIN!

Skin needs perpetual maintenance in order to perform at its optimal level. Perpetual, meaning daily. A twice per day "CTM" (cleanse, tone, moisturize) ritual isn't enough however. Yes, it is essential to cleanse and tone, however, for renewed, stimulated, healthy skin, the epidermis must be "open"to receive nourishment. Think of a baby bird opening it's beak to receive food, the same theory applies with skin. If skin isn't prepped prior to applying a healing or nourishing product (such as a serum or cream), that product will simply sit on the face rather than penetrate into the skin. On average, skin has a 28 day cell-renewal cycle. Maintaining it with my instruction, will allow the skin's renewal process to perform at an elite level. Isn't that what we all want? Don't all women want their skin to perform like an Olympic champion? Absolutely, yes indeed!

Weekly exfoliation is key to keeping the hair follicles flushed of debris and oil. Although a granular (mechanical) scrub works well, I am emphatic about the concept of using a "spherical scrub", which is one that is not jagged, but rather bulbous if inspected under a micro-scope. A granular scrub with jagged edges can scratch the skin and cause micro-damage, so toss those apricot facial scrubs, or reserve them for other parts of the body, like the legs.

My scrub of choice is an "acid scrub" (chemical exfoliator); I'm partial to Glycolic or Salysilic acid.

The follicles must be maintained with consistent, professional facials (every 3 months is my recommendation). Follicles which remain impacted with dirt and excess oil result in large pores, acne legions, free-radical damage, fine lines, as well as a slew of other skin-health related issues. A facial performed by a professional licensed Esthetician is essential to maintain beautiful skin, but it's up to you and your daily regime to truly keep skin on track in between sessions.

Skin needs to be cleansed, toned & nourished daily, and needs to be exfoliated at least twice per week. I recommend you use mild, face-specific clenasers (not a bar of Ivory soap). Depending on your skin type and sensitivity issues, the type of cleansing and exfoliation products will vary. As a rule of thumb, if a cleanser is foamy it's typically drying, which is good for oily skin and not recommended for normal to dry skin. My suggestion? Choose a mild, non-foaming gentle cleanser (like Cetaphil) even if your skin is oily. You want to cleanse the skin in the mildest way or else you risk damaging the skin's acid mantle.  If you follow my lead and your skin is still behaving badly, then perhaps you should visit your dermatologist or endocrinologist. There are underlying biological issues which do affect the skin's health and performance.

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Beauty and Brow Lounge Brow-Pigments

Beauty and Brow Lounge custom line of BROW Pigments, Gel-Tints, Pencils, Brow Hold & Brow Brushes....for EVERY skin and hair type. Genius products (at an amazing price point) that I personally use on ALL of my brow transformations, NOW available to you! Shipping available anywhere in the US. 

Keep Brows AGE Appropriate!

What's an "age appropriate eyebrow"? It's a brow shaping that respects the integrity of the recipient's age. The before and after photo above, showcases the first-time professional shaping of my 15 year old client. Could I have emphasized her arch a bit more? Absolutely. I chose not to because her age dictated a more subtle approach. There is PLENTY of time for pronounced arches as she ages! When it comes to esthetic balance, however, AGE should influence all decisions.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Encourage Eyebrow Growth with Castor Oil

The eyebrows are the quintessential thumbprint of the face. If you've over-tweezed and cannot get your sparse brows to grow back to their once-full glory, encourage growth with a nightly TLC regime.

1. After you have cleaned your skin via your *CTM nightly ritual (*see my blog post on "Skin-Care 101"), scrub your dry brows with a spoolie brush or an old toothbrush, for about 30 seconds. Scrubbing the brows will encourage blood flow to the skin's surface, thus encouraging hair growth. Hair requires nourishment to grow; think of blood flow to the skin's area as nourishment to the hair follicle.

2.  After the eyebrows have been dry-brushed, apply "Cold Pressed Castor Oil" to them with a cotton swab. Scrub the oil in between the hair to ensure that the oil gets to the underlying skin. The goal is to saturate the brow SKIN where the hair would normally grow.

Castor Oil has a thick consistency like honey, so it will not drip or smear. It is easy to manipulate the oil application, it will stay put once it's applied. This process of hair-growth-stimulation is 100% natural and chemical-free, HOWEVER, hair growth will take time. Growth will not happen overnight. If a quick fix is what you are looking for, I suggest you visit a dermatologist and have a topical growth serum prescribed. If using the Castor Oil method, patience is a virtue. Treat them thoughtfully as you are letting them grow and HAND TWEEZE stray hairs as they grow into into unwanted areas. Consult with a brow specialist (like me) if they are in 911 mode.

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