Friday, June 26, 2015


UNDER EYE CIRCLES are yet another curse brought to us by those wicked beauty Gods. If you have them, it most likely means that another family member does as well; it's a genetic disposition. "Lightening Creams" don't actually fade the pigmentation; for the most part they contain light reflectors to create the illusion of brighter under eye skin. There are medical-aesthetic treatments, like Thermage, that can significantly reduce the appearance of under eye discoloration by stimulating the dermal layers of the skin, resulting in new collagen production. However, I would first give Retinoids a try. If used consistently, Retinoids will thicken the skin surrounding the eyes (the thinnest skin on the body) and stimulate collagen production as well. The skin around the eyes is the thinnest skin on the body. At .5mm, it acts like a window, reflecting all the under lying surface fluids and bone beneath the surface; those with allergies may find their under-eye area even darker, as a result of fluid build-up and nasal congestion. A great beauty tip that I often give to clients is to temporarily conceal their under eye discoloration with basic color theory. Using an orange based corrector cream or concealer will cancel-out purple/red discoloration, preparing the eye skin for your regular makeup routine (foundation and a skin-toned under-eye concealer). If you do not negate the discoloration with an orange corrector prior to applying makeup,  the resulting under eye skin tone will appear gray and ashy. There is no "cure" for under eye circles and it certainly has nothing to do with lack of sleep. A good consistent eye care routine which includes lots of moisture-rich hydration and drinking plenty of water will definitely help keep the eye skin plump and hydrated which can ultimately reduce the appearance of those unsightly shadows.