Thursday, June 19, 2014

Glycolic Body Wash Works WONDERS on Problem Skin

Skin is a self-healing machine. However, to encourage cell turn-over (which in turn will render skin re-newed and impossibly silky smooth), you need to EXFOLIATE! There are granular exfoliants (like sugar & salt scrubs), mechanical exfoliators (like pumice stones & sponges) and then there is my favorite, the ACID Exfoliator. There are several different types of acids, but GLYCOLIC is my absolute favorite. It penetrates the skin deeper than any other acid and assists skin in flushing out impacted hair follicles. It stimulates cell turn-over BIG TIME and it chemically sloughs the skin without a harsh abrasive. I use Ultima Med Spa 10% or Mario Badescu AHA Glycolic Body Wash two times per week. Massage the wash into wet skin, LET IT SIT on your skin for a few minutes, then rinse off to reveal the most amazing skin on the planet! 

Glycolic Acid is a revolution for skin, however, you don't want to overdo do it. Skin cells need time to renew and turnover in their own without too much encouragement, therefore a twice per week regime using glycolic for exfoliation is more than enough.  

--CIAO for now xo