Monday, July 27, 2015

Use a TISSUE to keep the face bacteria free

BEAUTY TIP: you're soaking in the tub after a long exhausting day and you take extra special care of your face and  apply a hydrating mask; your invigorated face loves you right now because it feels oh-so-delicious! So what happens next? When you drain the water and step out of the sudsy tub? Well, you probably grab a towel to dry off...right? What about your face? Most women I speak to on a daily basis use the SAME bath or hand towel, used on their body, to dry their faces. THIS IS A FACIAL CRIME LADIES!! Don' not ever use a towel to dry your wet face, especially one that has been used for other parts of your body. A towel will quickly harbor bacteria which, if used on the face, will compromise the health of the skin. The solution? That's easy... use a TISSUE. A store-brand no-frills tissue will not leave fibrous specs on the face. Using a tissue to BLOT your wet face after you've cleansed it will ENSURE that your skin remains clean & bacteria free.